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Death's Railway
The Book

In Hell There Is A Place Called Death's Railway
Thailand Memories by Otto Cramer, 12/20/1943

Stanley Willner
Former Japanese Prisoner of War
Death's Railway, Thailand
Changi Prison, Singapore (Syonan) 1942 - 1945

Although I can understand how Dennis [Roland] feels about the experience he had as a POW, and how he believes that one should forgive, I believe that I'd have to go along with you and say that there is just too much to remember. However, I don't think one should carry the remembering so far that they would exclude the newer generation from acts of friendship, or hold them responsible for the acts of their fathers. But, as you well know, all the forgiving, all the forgetting, and all thoughts and acts of friendship has to be done on an individule [sic] basis. I suppose what I'm trying to say is: regardless of how one feels as an individule [sic], we who were Japanese POWs must make every effort to see that it doesn't happen again.

Bill Weissinger
Letter to Stanley Willner
January 2, 1977


1999, Stanley Willner. All rights reserved, worldwide.

The background color, Changi Paper, is derived from the paper color of the original Scrap Book pages. The title is an allusion to Dante's The Divine Comedy, Hell, Canto 18.